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Street Photography Workshop with Choi David

2-Day Weekend Intensive Street Photography Workshop with Choi David

Workshop Outline:

Objective: To translate photography theory and skills into purposeful street photography practice.

Duration: 2 days intensive; total of 12 hours; 6 hours each day



  • Basic knowledge of photography
  • Camera
    • If you attend with an analogue camera, you may not have the chance to join the presentation and discussion in Day 2.
  • Appropriate clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Commitment to brave the streets of Toronto for long hours

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Course Content

  • Camera basics
    • Understanding functionality and execution of your gear.
  • Understanding light
    • Learn all possible light schemes and capture scenes the way you intend to.
  • Theory & Composition
    • Discussion of contemporary photography theory and its current trends.
  • Project development
    • Fleshing out ideas, experimenting, and producing a statement for your work.
    • Making thoughtful selections and sequences.
    • Setting daily objectives to further personal growth.
  • Street techniques
    • Tips and tricks to get the shot without losing the moment.
  • Basic post-production
    • Understanding industry standards and trends.
      • Highly recommended to have Lightroom & Photoshop.



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“You will be joining me and fellow like-minded students in an intensive hands-on workshop where we will be out shooting, rain or shine, in the streets of Toronto. Physical and mental commitment is a must. I find that the most successful learners have a willingness to engage and practice new principles; this is the core aspect of this workshop. Over two days I will teach you about lighting, technical skills, and how to capture the right shot – out in the city streets.


For a photographer it really is a jungle out there… so be wary. Always keep in mind that strangers may get upset or find reason to confront you. In the case of public photography, the law has your back – and so will I. I provide strategies to avoid conflict, and I stress the importance of understanding your environment. This relates to dressing and acting accordingly, and practicing the sweet science of blending in and avoiding unnecessary attention – just like a good hunter would.


What camera to bring? It really doesn’t matter as long as it shoots. I know a handful of world class photographers who shoot with their outdated cellphones daily. Good photography is about practice, methodology, and getting into a proactive habit of constantly shooting. This workshop is designed to help students develop their photographic eye to identify beauty in daily routines, and building the habit of being constantly on the look-out for that perfect shot.”




Choi David

The Instructor:

Choi David has worked in NYC and London’s fashion industry for over 5 years. He loves street photography and has returned to Toronto after years living abroad.

Current project: Dancers of Toronto

You can check out his commercial work here.


Saturday – Day 1

(10am – 4pm: 6 hours)

  • Gear/Technicalities
  • Theory/Practice
  • Project Development
  • Lunch
  • Shoot
Sunday – Day 2

(10am – 4pm: 6 hours)

  • Presentation/Discussion
  • Lunch
  • Selection/Sequencing
  • Shoot

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$350 – 2 Day Workshop; excludes transport, meals, additional costs.

Save $50/ea by signing up with friends.

There is a maximum of 5 students (*up to 7 for group of friends) per workshop at first come basis. You will be contacted accordingly if workshop is full.

Contact for private lessons.

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