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Bella Coola in Kodak Portra 400

Recently got this roll of Kodak Portra 400 developed from a local lab, and scanned at home using the Epson v850. It was the first film negative I scan in like 6 years and I didn’t have proper cleaning equipment so the scans came out somewhat dirty. Overall though I don’t mind dust that much but what’s most curious is how some of the tones came out. Bella Coola is up in the mountain valleys and the temperature varies depending on time and where you are. Below in a few of the pictures, you can really see how those factors affect the negative.

The tones here came out uncharacteristically off -probably because it was cold and misty out.
Best example of how the tones are completely off. I’m going to assume because it was cold and very misty in the valley.

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