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Epic Mountain Top Picnic, Bella Coola

Lucky for us, Steve and Tina had organized a helicopter trip up to a mountain peak in Bella Coola for a nice picnic brunch. The helicopter ride up was one of the most exhilarating experiences I ever had, as our pilot Richard showed us some sweet tricks. When we got off the helicopter, everyone was taken away by the absolute beauty of the view -snow capped mountain ranges after mountain ranges as far as you can see! I couldn’t stop munching on fresh mountain top snow and riding down hills with a tube we brought up. As the day went on, Kyo and I climbed up a little hidden ledge that led to the peak. There we could see even further! Had I known, I would’ve brought my 14-24mm lens up with me but I was fortunate enough to had brought my trusty 50mm. What an unforgettable day -thanks again Steve and Tina!!

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