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On a Tug Boat in Bella Coola, BC with my Nikon D3s

I brought my 11 year old Nikon D3s on a leisurely tug boat ride in Bella Coola, BC. Still at 11 years old, this flagship model proves why investing in a body that comes every 4 years is worth every penny. I just wish I had brought some different lenses for landscapes but it is what it is. All the shots below were taken with my 50mm 1.8 -the cheap, plastic one.


Surrounded by ice capped mountains, the valley is incredibly beautiful.
Boaty McBoatface.
T’was quite a foggy day.
The boat ride was along the Bella Coola river by the valley, which runs out into the Pacific ocean to the West.
Photos really don’t do it justice.
From inside the tug boat.
There were babies in the tug boat!
The little boys came out to play.
Kato with the face.
Headed home. Good night.

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