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Nikon F4s – Fourth Blood

My ‘new’ Nikon F4s with my 5th 50mm 1.8 with a bag of popcorn…fuck yes!

I bought a near mint Nikon F4s beginning of this month from eBay and it’s been incredible. It shipped from Japan on express shipping and it arrived within the next week in exceptional condition. I been shooting with a Kodak Porta 400 very carefully, and I’m excited to share it with everyone in a future post. It has been a bit of a learning curve to transition between digital to analogue. Metering the light to the shadows is still a new concept for me and it trips me out every time I do it. Maybe this summer or fall, I will write a more in-depth review of my experience but for now I’m going to continue shooting. After 10+ years of shooting digitally professionally…what a feeling to revert back to the basics! My feeling with digital now-a-days is that it is becoming too fast. The other day I walked by dreadful Times Square where a wedding photographer wielding a Nikon D5 just shot like 100+ frames for one look. The impact this is doing to the practice of photography is stressful to say the least. When you have editors or clients emailing you about a certain shot that they know I took multiple of, when I already sent them the best selections. Even when I’m shooting street with my digital, I always have multiple frames of the same essential shot. It’s a pain in the ass to review all of these. With film there is a finite number. You take it as what it is, and the medium is very generous with the outcome. As said in the previous post, there’s beauty about waiting to get home to see the outcome. I been going through major mid-life crisis with my career in photography the past year, and reverting back to film has cured it for the time being. I look forward to a whole new year of analogue film and I will do my best to update the interweb of its progress!

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