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Jazzy-J, Toronto B-boy



He always has a big smile on his face.

‘It took a few years to develop and understand what my style was,’ says Jazzy J, explaining his grin and bubbly demeanor in his routines, ‘At first, I tried mimicking my favourite dancers. That’s how everyone starts off, I think. But with time I realized that it’s about being true to yourself, and how you would dance even if you were alone.’

From his fast Bruce Lee style up-rock steps to his limb twisting freezes after performing gravity defying power moves, the Toronto B-boy was not shy to get his hands dirty and dance in public. Especially with Hip-Hop History Month coming up in November, Jazzy J was enthusiastic about showing and educating the public about Hip-Hop and one of its core elements: breakdancing.

But I had to ask. ‘Why is November, ‘Hip-Hop History Month’?’

His response was short and sweet: ‘Cuz KRS said so.’


This is an exclusive mini-snippet from Crimdella’s upcoming music video ‘On Me’ featuring Toronto b-boy, Jazzy J.

Stay tuned. ‘On Me’ video is coming.



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