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3 Days of No Sleep in NYC – Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

After training back to Bedstuy from Soho, I proceeded to try to get some packing done and sorting things out so people can take them. Friends started to show up -with alcohol and stuff. So the day went on until we ended up watching the sunrise at Brighton Beach. Needless to say I couldn’t properly pack and had to go straight to my morning bus ride back to Canada. I slept the entire ride.

Documented by Choi David





Ping and Roxy brought a box of brews. Thanks bro.

Mr. Levi blessed us with his presence.

I win yelling victory.

Hello, Ivan.

Chin and Maga.

Kan thinks I’m taking a photo of him. But it was Joe.

Dan giving his stank face to Jon.

San Filippo and baby gurl Elanna.

Adamsound and the dog whisperer.

Marisel, you got dope skin, gurl.

Somehow this kid convinced me to not sleep and go to Brighton Beach.

Dramatic as fuck.

San Filippo’s feet.

Andrew mugshot.

Kan mug shot.

Analogue and digital.

Early fish.

Cranky lady stretching.

Cranky lady doing backward jogs.

Heading to Manhattan.

Last commute to the city.



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