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3 Days of No Sleep in NYC

Sometime in late July I made my last visit to NYC. I booked a 2 night trip back home to Bedstuy from Toronto to pack and give away the last of my things. Originally, I had planned on sleeping both nights, but things led to another and I ended up not sleeping until I got back on the Megabus the third day.

-To be continued



Documented by Choi David






Damien came to greet me the moment I got back. He gave me cigarettes and bought me Korean food. What a bro.

After Koreatown, I came to Williamsburg to drink whiskey and smoke illegal drugs with Paolo.

And made Anastasia stay up a bit longer before she went to sleep.

Paolo and I had a few drinks though.

Secret Business at my ol’ Bedstuy home.

Next morning. Paolo & Kana wanted to go take photos. But first Paolo wants to eat Williamsburg Pizza.

Leaving Brooklyn.

There was an intense heatwave that day. Portrait of a subway dancer.


Taking a break in the shade.

Baolo’s fashionista friend. So fashion.

Kana stopped this cool looking chic so I took a picture of her.

Hot ass day.

Dancing in the shade.

Remnants of a film shooter.

Photo bros.

Kana with Hasselblad. Paolo with cigarette.

“Lets take a classic NYC pic” So NYC.

Elevator chic.

Kana also stopped her. Kana has a good eye.

He didn’t want photos taken of him by a ‘Nikon shooter’.

His friend didn’t mind.

The lil’ bro didn’t either.

We realized we loaded the film the wrong direction. It happens.


Kana is upset that he’s been shooting blanks. 😉

Favourite shot of the day.


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