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Fika Cafe with Danielle Cole

Listen up everybody, Toronto collage artist Danielle Cole is having an exhibition from September 8 to September 30th, located at Gravenfeather Gallery (906 Queen Street West, M6J 1G6).

Upon hearing about her upcoming show in September, I asked Danielle to sit down with me at good ol’ Fika Cafe in Kensington Market to chat about her latest series, ‘Clipped Wings’. Much like her body of work, Danielle utilizes humour into her social commentary on domesticity, consumerism, and materialism; this time using cute little birds.

‘Creating hidden narratives through subtle interactions between the subject and its background is one of my goals.’ Danielle spoke of her series, ‘If you inspect carefully, the birds are always interacting with each other; either staring at each other or completely ignoring each other. They interact with their backgrounds, atleast they try to, but they’re birds and these materialistic goods mean nothing to them.’

There are some funny images with fish saddled by aristocratic birds. The birds mounting over them, looking elegant, while the fish, eyes popped out, dumbstruck. As absurd as they look, Danielle Cole’s satire on our current state raises questions. What does it mean to be a domestic creature? How did human civilization achieve to such materialism? How are we dealing with commercialized consumerism? All of these thoughts through a series of humourous collages brought to you by your Toronto local, Danielle Cole.

See you at the exhibition.


Artist: Danielle Cole // www.daniellecole.ca // @girlsanddinosaurs

Written & Photographed by Choi David // www.choidavid.com // @choidavid420


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