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Dancing without Music – Clifford Owens





‘Dancing without Music’ is literally a study into physical interpretation of art while subtracting the very source of its inspiration.

In order to achieve this, we asked performance artist, Clifford Owens, to come into our studio to dance while listening to his favourite song.
Clifford claimed that he didn’t know how to dance, but we forced him in front of the camera and played the song that he chose.
It was a song that Clifford had told us that he privately listens to everyday, and that it was a song with deep sentimental meaning to him.
Due to the reasons above, only one take was given to us.

The song itself is later edited out for the audience, resulting in a mesmerizing feat of questions and emotions shown by the artist.

This is Clifford dancing without music.


Produced by Choi David // @choidavid420

Performed by Clifford Owens

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