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‘TRASH’ by Lindefini



TRASH – by Lindefini

I designed my collection, L’ indéfini-Trash, to resemble
the characteristics of the omnipresent trash bags
of New York City – both as a statement of excess
waste and invisibleness of such excess blending into
the cityscapes of modern urbanites. While bearing resemblance
to common trash bags, “This is not trash,
do not throw away” on the pieces challenge and blur
traditional boundary between creation and rubbish.
Forms, shapes and texture which emulate a typical
trash bags have been transformed into wearable garments
that camouflage the content while mimicking
the essence of how we perceive trash bags, therefore,
making ourselves both invisible and omnipresent at
once. Materials gathered to create the collection are
from daily scrap materials, such as: paper, lace, tulle
and laundry tags.



Photographer: Choi David // www.choidavid.com // @choidavid420

Designer: Liya Liu // www.liyaliu.com

Models: Mary-Margaret Henry & Alex Crush (Major Models NYC)

Photo Assistant: Paolo Massimo Testa // www.paolo-testa.com // @pmtphotography

Digital Technician: Michele Stroppa

Make-up Artists: Zachary Hart & Mallory Passione

Hair Stylist: Mallory Pace


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