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fuck the exhibition. the photos

We did it.

Serazard is extremely proud to announce our first show, ‘fuck the exhibition’, has been a huge success.

200+ guests, great volunteers, sold art pieces, and Clifford Owens. All happened with very limited budget and time. We wanted to conceal how much went into the production, but fuck it, our fundraiser was public so it doesn’t even make sense to try hide it. So here it is people. Team Serazard pulled this shit off with six hundred fucking dollars. And we’re going to do it again.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for the donations. Thank you to the volunteers for believing in us. Thank you to all of our guests that came to say, ‘yeah, fuck you, and fuck the exhibition’. It really means a lot.

But lastly, we want to say, ‘fuck you’ to all of the artists that were involved with the show. Fuck you, guys.


A special shout out to photographer Chin Saikhanov for the photos. Thanks for blessing us with your talent!



Photographed by Chin Saikhanov // @chin_saikhanov


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