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UNCUT RAW: Stoners of the World

Uncut Raw 

The New York Metro system is where I spend a good 2 to 3 hours in each day.

I started these paintings during my subway track commutes, out of inspiration on the concept of the homunculus man . The series started out as a self portrait, then has evolved into an abstract caricature of how I perceive my immediate environment. The scenarios I choose to place my subjects dig deeply into my love for medieval fantasy and science fiction comics.

As a statement to the marijuana movement in America, I added either a jazz cigarette or a blunt to most of my subjects in the painting.


Artist: Choi David // www.stonersoftheworld.com

attacker of joints


big tuna ramen

digital nomad

dope feathers

keeping it real

kool heath

le classic fiend

leap of faith


return of the elixer

self portrait

the subway horror story ft. bluntman

warp speed


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