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I met Patricia about 12 years ago through a web forum called fotolog. We were both young and awkward, and it was less stressful to deal with other humans via the internet. Due to our same interests in heavy metal, singing, and mythology, we quickly became great friends.

In the middle of our friendship, we stopped talking to each other due to some disagreements, but her confidence and determination were some of the things that kept me admiring from a distance. I think around this period, she was really trying to find herself. She started a band and went off on a journey as the lead vocalist. Her band played gigs around Brazil, and she seemed very happy. Unfortunately, in Brazil, music is no way to make a living, especially with an independent band. Still, she went after her dream by constantly studying notes, vocal techniques, and music theory. Patricia did all of this while working an office job doing social media, which was peculiar, since she is quiet and shy. Slowly, her social media job started to collide with her music and she was forced to give up the band.

The thing I love about Patricia is that throughout everything, she always finds a way to keep true to herself. When we were back to being friends, she was the same old girl but more mature. It was good to see that both of us grew during the time we were apart. It is in my belief that we all need to focus on one thing at a time so we can understand what it can do for us in a profound way. This is what happened with Patricia; she got deep into photography and discovered that it can help express her artistic pursuits. I recall her saying to me once, that photography made her feel the same joy as when she is writing music. It wasn’t hard to predict that she would gather her courage and walk the artist path once again.

Change is not easy. Patricia moved to another place away from family and friends to chase her dreams. Being nominated and awarded already in her first professional year as a photographer, she managed to evolve very fast and started making her way up in quite an amazing rate. She is more determined than ever, and she will adapt with the world around her as she did with the stepping stones that came before. Once again, I tip my hat to my friend on her journey. To the same old girl, my friend, the artist, Patricia Montrase.

-M. Jimena Rodriguez



Photographer: Kana Beisekeyev // www.beisekeyev.com

Subject: Patricia Montrase // www.patriciamontrase.com



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