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Arturo Meza by Patricia Montrase

When Serazard called me to photograph Arturo Meza, I didn’t know the shoot would end up being such an interesting exchange. Although, Arturo and I have met before, we weren’t acquainted enough to say that I knew him, or of his work. The only thing I could recall from his Polaroid series was that he shot nude women inside motels, and I was in doubt if I could ever find any beauty within it. Maybe it was due to my background in advertising that made it so hard for me to see past the ‘sex sells’ regime, but soon I understood that his series came from a genuine expression.

As I got to know Arturo, I understood why women are so comfortable posing in front of his lens. He is easy to communicate with because of his friendly, down to earth demeanor, and his passion for art is childlike and proud. Our mutual love for film photography was another conversation booster. Arturo’s approach to his work is peculiar as well. There is a mixture of candid and tableau influences, amplified with the playfulness of his Polaroids. His experimentation with film development is another punch that adds to his genius. Arturo having a background in motion film, is a natural director. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or color you are, he can really bring out your inner beauty with a flare of stark attitude.

It was difficult for me to think of a theme for this shoot. At first, I thought it would be fascinating to portray him like one of his models in his Polaroid series, but I wanted to dig deeper, and show a darker and personal side within him. There is beauty to be found in duality, and duality is within everyone and everything. Arturo is a happy-go-lucky type of guy, and it’s hard for me to imagine him angry or upset. But what if I placed him in a dark, solitary room? I made it my goal to show Arturo in a different light. I wanted him to challenge himself by channeling his inner demons and struggles. The following is what I captured in the darkness.


Photographer: Patricia Montrase // www.patriciamontrase.com

Subject: Arturo Meza // www.arturomezaphotography.com

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