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Michael Jackson

Ping is a crazy good dancer. Underneath his timid shyness, is a dancing machine ready to tear up the dance floor. He will do a mean Michael Jackson routine in front of you like it ain’t no thang. And if you’re really lucky, he’ll finish it off with a moonwalk and a sick ass spin move. Those close to Ping have all witnessed the greatness he is capable of…it’s just that he never tries to show it off.

Described by his friends as a humble and reserved person, Ping was born into a strict military family in China. He says his childhood and teenage years were very structured and organized, and his love for basketball and Michael Jackson were his means of escape. As he grew older he found it easier to express himself through mediums of visual art, particularly photography. Edward Hopper is his biggest influence, and he wishes to paint his world as such by incorporating tableau techniques into his photos.

Similar ethics can be found in his contemporary work, ‘7 Minutes: Where Are You Looking At 2014‘. Each scene is carefully put together with bold shapes and strong colours, but a sense of distance and ambiguity manifests the overall tone. Ping will never try to show you directly what his work is implying; the viewer is left to pursue the story and explore all possibilities within.

Currently, Ping is working on projects that involve photography, performance art and video art.



Artist: Ping Wang // www.pingwangxin.com

Photographer: Kana Beisekeyev // www.beisekeyev.com // Instagram: @beisekeyev

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