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David at Gilded Age 15 F/W Presentation, New York Fashion Week

On the opening day of New York Fashion Week, I was on the rooftop of the Refinery Hotel for Gilded Age’s 2015 Fall/Winter presentation. I became acquainted with the New York based menswear brand, through my friend, Will Hoopes, who works as their lead designer. The founder, Stefan Miljanic, started Gilded Age in 2005, and used to be the head designer at Tommy Hilfiger. He also loaned me some sweet ass pants last year for a shoot (holla!). Gilded Age boasts their unique production process, which includes using old machinery and some of the oldest dyes known to man, such as natural indigo. So basically, Gilded Age is the original hipster and is taking the craft back to its roots.

The presentation on the Refinery Hotel rooftop was a chill vibe. The wooden ceilings and the brick walls really complimented the clothes and the tone of the atmosphere. The staff were helpful and the guests were friendly, and the free booze is always appreciated. I talked to a few randoms, and then met some friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I was having a great time. Even one of the models was nice enough to recognize me from past casting calls. It was mad cool actually, because he recalled a conversation on how we were both from Canada (Big ups, my Canadian brother). Anyway, I’d like to thank Stefan and Will for having me at the event. It was pretty dope.


Big shout out to Will Hoopes. You the best, man.


Photographer: Choi, David // www.choidavid.com  // Instagram: @choidavid420

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